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Magnolias of Istanbul

Product image 1Magnolias of Istanbul
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The ‘Magnolias of Istanbul’ collection is a tribute to all the trees being sacrificed to urbanization.

While the population of our city is rapidly increasing and pushing the 20 million mark; the authorities find their solution to open up spaces by destroying the forests and the parks. 

Every day we see less and less of what is left and instead just watch the rising of the constructions.

Magnolias are signature trees with their long hosting in the gardens of historic Bosphorus mansions, to convert them into jewel pieces is The Designer’s way of prayer for their longer presence…

The Designer used real magnolia leaves as moulds to get their form with Papier Mache. The papers The Designer used while preparing the Papier Mache material are used/waste papers so in a way The Designer has recycled and contributed for the continued existence of the magnolia trees of our planet.

The Designer believed in that as a human we should respect, love and protect the nature and should not forget that we are all ONE.


Material: Papier Mache 

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