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Prego Necklace

Product image 1Prego Necklace
Product image 2Prego Necklace
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Grano Collection

Ear as an icon celebrating the matriarchy of Anatolia with the Indian philosophy inspired the collection; symbolizes abundance and fertility. This dispositional parity between Earth and women displays an enigmatic bond. Each piece that makes up the collection sets up bold dialogues between symbols of East and West. Symmetrical designs refer to the infinite cycle of life. Each and every one of them symbolizes rebirth. Harmony of the collection allows each piece to be combined. “Ear” named after its designer in the land where she was born and lived, turns into an icon in every design, heralds all kinds of births.
Every birth that fulfils, complements and balances our existence is a miracle.

Symbol PREGO : One of the complementary parts of the Grano Collection with its circular form and asymmetrical surface details, Prego references the endless cycle of life.

Chain is 24K gold plated sterling silver.

Coin is 24 gold plated bronze.

Chain length: 40 cm

Coin: 3 cm


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