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Ra Earrings

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Janus Collection

Janus is the god of gates in Roman mythology presided over passages and doors, depicted as having two faces looking at opposite ways, one towards who arrive the city,  and the other towards who leave, like a guard protecting the city. All the beginnings and ends of time, all the changes, transitions and transformations; what is happening and what will happen is under his watch. Janus, with his power to control the time has the appearance of a young man on one side and an old man on the other, symbolizing the past and the future.

According to an old tale; in Ancient Greece, the glasses that two friends clinked at the last dinner they had together has shattered. In order to feel together while being apart, they decide to carry the pieces of broken glasses over their hearts. They named this little pieces as ”Simbolin” and within the time it became “symbol”. Symbols transform meanings into a singular visual, carries tales from invisible to visible. Winter ends, spring comes. The days pass, years change, time flies. Life ends and begins once again, ones who born grows. The harmony of human nature and the universe are in a continuous circle of chain. What is going to happen is uncertain – and that is what people always complains about. With the uncertainty of time, the gates that Janus protects always open to heaven.

RA: Eye of the Ra is the feminine counterpart of Sun god in Ancient Egypt. It is a talisman of purification, protection and healing for its believers.

24K gold plated bronze and enamel.

Hoop length: 2.5 cm

Charm: 2 cm

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