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Etna Collection

Volcano goddess in Greek Mythology
Fire is related to the love, which belongs to the soul. In Classical Turkish literature “Aşık and Maşuk” described with candle fire and butterfly as “Love” it’s most basic concept. The butterfly represents the lover, while the fire is love itself. Butterfly goes into the fire knowing it will burn. It knows it's the only way to become one. It is reborn with love. “Love”, the fire that unites the body and soul is the beginning of everything.
Pieces of the collection about fire, carry the sense of flames volume.t  The silhouettes that dominate the collection has a chaotic characteristic compared to Bodhita's other collections. Creating the visual identity of the collection with scattered sparks, melting lava, flaring fires and flickering flames, Bodhita references to the mystery of fire. Designs that found inspiration in the explosion of fire-breathing Mountain Etna, which gave the collection its name, carry the spirit of love and fire.

This mystical journey of love attracts the attention; they exhibit (just as a butterfly rotates around a candle, the lover circumambulates the place where he stands day and night). The lover completes his evolution by these circular movements and the lover who realizes himself by reaching the center (perfect, wise human being) enters into an insolvable unity with her by participating in the sta.

24K gold plated bronze.

Clip on earrings

Dimension: 2cm

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